Lesbian fist fuck!

доп поле скриншотов
Lesbian fist fuck!

Lesbian fist fuck!

Lesbian fist fuck!
Hey girls, how about a shower? Well we didn't mean just by ourselves! To make things even better, Leona gets out a little bit of shaving cream, and takes care of Lucy's little pubic beard. "I'd been letting it grow for ages, just so Leona could give me this little shave," says Lucy. "I love the caressing feel of another woman grooming me!" Afterwards, when both girls have had so much fun shaving, and there's not a hair left on their smooth little pussies, they move on to some more exotic ways of playing with the skin they found!"I love the feel of another woman's fist pumping inside me," says Lucy. You're going to love the even more pumping sequel to this set!

Models:Leona & Lucy

Tags: Bath, Big tits, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Brown eyes, Brown hair, Czech, DV, Fingering, Hairy Pussy, Lesbian, Pussy fisting, Pussy gape, Pussy licking, Reverse cowgirl, Teen


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